Brewers for Kendric

1028 days ago

The Brewers Care Club, a community relations branch of the Hub City Brewers are proud to announce their June 30th game at Kiwanis Park as the "Brewers for Kendric" fundraising game.

Kendric Campbell, an adorable 4 year old boy from Greater Moncton was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. This families devastating journey began on Thanksgiving Monday (October 10th, 2011) at The Moncton Hospital after a CT scan diagnosed Kendric with a brain tumor. The family (including 8 month old brother, Davis) was immediately flown to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax where little Kendric fought his way through a 10 hour brain surgery with great tenacity and strength. He then began 30 radiation treatments and high dose chemotherapy; this treatment will be ongoing for the next year. On Kendric's favorite holiday, Halloween, he was once again in the operating room to have a feeding tube and "port" placed in his chest for his chemotherapy. To add to this difficult journey, Kendric and his family spent the Christmas holidays at the IWK because Kendric developed a life threatening pneumonia, where again he showed his power and pulled through. Unfortunately, on January 18th, Kendric had an MRI that revealed 3 new tumors in his spine.

The financial burden has been overwhelming on the Campbell family. They are required to pay for medical supplies, medications and travel to and from the IWK. Kendric's parents have not been able to return to work because of the extensive care required to take care of their sick child, as well as the frequent trips to the IWK and daily appointments/check-ups at the George Dumont Hospital.

On June 30th, The Brewers will donate 100% of the NET proceeds from "Brewers for Kendric” fundraising game to the Campbell family in the hopes that we can help make their road to recovery a little easier.

If you wish to donate/participate/attend, please contact the Hub City Brewers by e-mail at
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